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Welcome to the IAB

The IAB is an Independent Unincorporated Accreditor serving the needs of the Certifier and Certified alike.

  • With an international emphasis, the IAB aims to promote mutual recognition of all Accreditors and Certification Bodies. There are IAB members on all continents (excluding Antarctica).

  • By doing this it will further enhance the worldwide growth in, and recognition of various ISO Management Systems Certifications.

  • The further adoption of universal standards should result in growth in international trade.

Management Systems

Management Systems are the centre core of an organisation and have a direct influence on a number of crucial considerations including, but not limited to, Quality, Environmental Concerns and Health and Safety.

There is an inevitable overlap between these systems, and as such these systems can be said to be "integrated".


Certification is internationally recognised as a valuable business asset. However there are frequent misunderstandings about certification, the most common of which are:

  • The incorrect belief that governments deem certification to be mandatory


  • The incorrect belief that all Certification Bodies have to be accredited by a single 'official' Accreditation Body which is the sole accreditor permitted to operate.

BIS (The UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills) in its official policy principles on Conformity Assessment and Accreditation in the UK states:

"Accreditation is applicable to both the regulated and non-regulated sectors but should remain voluntary unless required by specific legislation"

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